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This is where you can find YouTube videos I’ve uploaded. Here are video clips of rides/tours I’ve recently done. You’ll be able to see, hear, and experience the scenery and beautiful places I tour in what I consider My Own Back Yard. Most of the videos will be from touring here in Colorado, USA, but when I am able to get out and tour other parts of the country, you’ll be able to join me on my ride! How cool is that?!

All my videos are created with the GoPro Max 360 and Uploaded to YouTube for viewing and comments also. The video is very stable and clear no matter what type of road I’m on or how fast I’m going! GoPro Max allows me to connect to the camera with an app on my phone via Bluetooth which makes it very easy for me to view, stop, and start videos and take pictures!

Day Trips / Tours

Day Trip Tours Fall 2020

Fall Color Rides in Colorado

Four Pass Fall Colors Ride

California Coastline Videos

Northwest Colorado – Tarantula Highway Videos

Southwest and Northwest Colorado – Pagosa Springs Videos

Southwest and Northwest Colorado – Gunnison Videos

South Central Colorado – Alamosa Videos

Bear Creek Canyon

Evergreen to Morrison, CO

Part 1 of 2

Bear Creek Canyon part 2 of 2:

Squaw Pass

To Evergreen from Hwy-103

Part 1 of 4

Golden Gate Canyon

About half way up, from Golden to Hwy-119


Upper Bear Creek Rd and Winter Gulch Rd to Squaw Pass


Check back soon because there will be more to come.

Be Safe, Have Fun and Ride On!

Short Shot


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3 Replies to “Touring Video’s”

  1. I absolutely love these videos! I’ve always wanted to explore Colorado but seeing first hand footage makes me want to even more! What time of year would be the best time to visit?

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment Vivienne! If you like warm weather and want to visit the mountains, Summer time during June, July, August and September would be best. Sometimes we can still see snow in the mountains in May and we can see snow again as early as late September/early October. So there is a pretty small window sometimes. Foothills and the plains are much warmer and out West around Grand Junction and Cortez and be hot as well.

  2. I really enjoy the videos. I like the idea of being able to see and feel like you are actually riding down the road. Looking forward to seeing more as we get into summer.

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