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Motorcycle Touring Enthusiast – Let’s Ride!

In my experience I’ve heard 5 common thoughts people have regarding riding motorcycles:

1) I love riding on motorcycles and wish I could do it more often!

2) I think motorcycles are cool and look fun but they are too dangerous!

3) Motorcycle riders are reckless, irresponsible and are often the cause of motorcycle accidents.

4) I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle and I would need somebody with a ton of experience that is a safe, responsible rider and will help me feel comfortable on a motorcycle.

5) Why do motorcycle riders do certain things on the road, like ride in the center of the road, use hand signals when they have blinkers, and ride on opposite sides of the lane when in a group?

Independence Pass

Sure I could respond to these common thoughts and misconceptions but it would be better understood if you were take a ride with a responsible, safe and experienced motorcycle rider.

Front Range Canyons Ride

This is why I would like to give you a ride. I would like to share the experience of riding on a motorcycle in the safest way possible. The more people who experience riding on a motorcycle and understand motorcycles, riders and the motorcycle community, the better off everybody would be. We don’t ride because it makes us look cool. We don’t ride because we like to terrorize towns and neighborhoods. We ride for charities, we ride with friends who share the same passion for motorcycles, and we ride because it’s in our soul. We live to ride and ride to live! If more people understand who we are as bikers, experience the freedom and beauty of riding motorcycles, and feel what it’s like on a motorcycle, maybe we can all share the road and make it a safer place for all motorists.

Even if you’re an experienced rider and just need to get out for some wind therapy for a couple hours, I can make that happen! Instead of trying to find somebody who’s available when you want to ride, someone who’s responsible and experienced, or maybe you just don’t know anybody with a bike right now, whatever the reason, Let’s Ride! Let’s get out on the road and feel the wind, the excitement, and the passion of riding a motorcycle!

I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 10 years old. I got my motorcycle license when I was 16 and bought the bike I tested on. I can’t tell you how many bikes I’ve owned, but I’ve ridden Yamaha’s, Kawasaki’s, Suzuki’s, and Honda’s until I bought my first Harley Davidson motorcycle in 2009, now that’s all I ride. I just received a patch from Harley Owners Group (HOG) for 200,000 miles, and that’s just on Harley Davidson motorcycles! I’ve put 69,000 miles on my 2018 Street Glide in a little over 3 years, it gets fresh oil every 2500 miles and goes in for scheduled services when they are due. So if you want to experience riding on a motorcycle, I’m a safe and experienced rider with a motorcycle that is well maintained and safe to ride.

So here is my offer and what I would like to do. For a limited time I am offering free rides on my beautiful 2018 Street Glide and all I ask for in return is a Comment / Review on this web page and chip in a few bucks for gas. This is an opportunity for you to get a free ride and for me to get more reviews and traffic to my website.

The offer is good for a free 30 min. ride with me and April (my motorcycle). My regular rates will be $25 for a 30 min. ride, $50 for 1 hour. Special rates for an all day ride, weekend or party’s. So, If you book a 1 hour ride, that’s only $25 for an hour motorcycle ride! I recommend meeting at a starting point near where you would like to ride in order to get the most out of your ride time.

Remember to  check out some of the local rides on my other pages,  Colorado Motorcycle Tours and watch some of the great videos under Touring Videos.

If you like to plan your own ride, you can click on the Google Maps link and start planning or go to  Shopping, Resources, and Tools page to get even more information and resources for your ride!

Click on the “Ride-Request-Form (below), fill it out and send it me in an e-mail to motorcycletouringenthusiast@gmail.com. Put “Free Ride” in the Subject line to get your FREE 30 minutes! I will respond as soon as I receive it and we can start planning your ride!


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